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An Outstanding Legal Lineage And A Superb Staff
Eugene P. Redmann, the founding attorney at the Law Office of Eugene P. Redmann, LLC, comes from a family well-versed in the Louisiana law. His father, William V. Redmann, was a judge in the Court of Appeals in New Orleans from 1967 until 1987. Two of his eight siblings are lawyers. And dozens of Eugene's family members practice law in the New Orleans metropolitan area.

Eugene has dedicated a quarter-century to practicing law along the city's South Shore area. Our firm, based out of Metairie, serves clients with a wide range of legal needs, including:
  • Criminal Defense
  • DUI/DWI defense, for both local motorists and visiting tourists
  • Personal Injury plaintiffs, including clients injured in motor vehicle accidents
  • Immigration, divorce and family law matters

Our lead attorney is assisted by a staff that provides responsive, sensitive, confidential service to our clients. He also has a network of referring attorneys that augment his effectiveness and ensure your case moves quickly to its optimal conclusion.

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Eugene P. Redmann Esq.
We Take The Stress Out Of Your Legal Process
Once our firm takes your case as a client, our goal is to provide relief from worry and discover the best possible outcome for you. We can accommodate your schedule with weekend and evening appointments upon request, and we offer payment plans and accept credit cards to provide more flexible financing. For those whose primary language is Spanish — se habla Español.

Consistent Results In Court And At The Negotiating Table
Eugene P. Redmann enjoys a positive reputation in the Louisiana legal community and is able to generate good outcomes whether your case goes to court, or gets resolved through a settlement or plea agreement. He will provide a candid assessment of your case and advise you of all of your options.

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