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Introducing our law firm

law office of eugene P redmann

Personal Injury & Criminal Defense Attorney | New Orleans, LA

About Our Practice

Our firm aims to take care of our clients and keep them informed about the latest developments in their case by tapping into Mr Redmann's deep network of experts and resource providers to help you resolve your legal matter in a timely manner.


As a New Orleans native with deep roots in the area, Eugene P Redmann has been serving clients in the New Orleans South Shore area for nearly 30 years— including Metairie, Kenner, Gretna and other nearby Louisiana cities. 

Our Services


Falling outside of the government's criminal justice system, civil lawsuits are private disputes between two parties. If you are being sued or are looking to sue, contact us. 

Injury / Accident


Criminal charges are cause for an unrelenting representation. With 30 years of experience in criminal cases ranging from traffic violations to murder and drug trafficking, our firm is ready for any case.

Criminal Defense


Everybody needs a reliable and knowledgeable guide through the confusing immigration process. Fluent in both English and Spanish, our firm is dedicated to helping you gain citizenship.



A criminal record can cause unnecessary difficulties in your everyday life. Find out if you qualify to expunge an arrest or conviction from your record.


Our Staff

Law applied to its extreme is the greatest injustice

- Cicero Marcus Tullius

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